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Tiger Airways Offer Great Discounts On Indian Routes

Every business is popular for one thing or the other and the airline business creates news only when there are discounts on offer for passengers. Tiger Airways seems to be one airline that understands this way better than the others in the business do, and in spite of already being a low cost airline, offers further discounts to passengers. All this is of course done in the hope of gaining more passengers on their flights, yet the discounts that are offered go a long way in doling out to customers a chance at extra savings. 

The airline is completing five years of operations in the skies of India and as a celebration of this milestone, offered ultra cheap tickets to its flights to Singapore from various cities in the Indian subcontinent. The tickets that were on offer for passengers were available on sale until March 13 and the travelers had to ensure that they bought their tickets by then. Entire flights were of course not part of the sale campaign as this would certainly not have been feasible for finances of the airline! Ten seats on every flight that flies between May 1 and December 15 were made available through this offer.

The amazing price that Tiger Airways fixed for these promotional tickets were only INR 2700 and flights to Singapore from the cities of Kochi, Hyderabad, Tiruchirapalli, Chennai, Bangalore, and Thiruvananthapuram were included in this offer. Such offers always create headlines and hundreds of passengers ensured that they bought these tickets from the airline!